As the “next generation” ISP, XDSL is perfectly positioned to provide Layer 2 and Layer 3 MPLS Services to interconnect your Branch Offices throughout South Africa. Our MPLS network provides the stability, reliability and increased performance demanded by companies across South Africa. In partnership with Juniper, Cisco and Ciena we leverage only best of breed technologies to deliver these services, backed by our highly rated Service Level Agreement. Seamless MPLS Connectivity XDSL is able to incorporate any method of connectivity within o
NATIONAL FIBRE NETWORK XDSL a New Generation ISP was setting the pace in the Fibre market, we were the first ISP to launch 25Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps Fibre products. Bold and Ground breaking decisions gave XDSL another first where we provided free internet access from within our Data Centre to our Fibre customers if they hosted their equipment inside our Data Centre. Being the leader of the pack, XDSL have built a next generation network that span more than 200 000km Fibre in South Africa, in just 13 yearsProviding us with the advan
  XDSL self-provision MTN and Vodacom 3G.   This is a very popular product for Corporates, security companies and vehicle tracking companies. What we offer, which you will not find with any other ISP, is a free online management system to manage all your sim cards including traffic utilization and restriction. Our 3G is sold in bundles as it is a complete solution for companies.  
ADSL is still one of the cheapest methods to access the internet. Telkom offers ADSL lines as a best effort service which means there are no guarantees on either throughput or uptime. XDSL have developed ADSL products specifically for Businesses users. This is where XDSL stand head and shoulder above our competition. Businesses will enjoy fast speed with very low contention ratio’s ensuring very fast speeds and better throughput, as well as enjoy priority support above home users. As a business you will gain much more than with any of our comp
  With companies growing ever larger and with branches popping up all over South Africa the need to connect with these branches effectively and reliable has become very important. With branches becoming more and more reliant on head office or Cloud Hosted applications the need for a reliable and cost effective connectivity has grown.  ADSL being a “Best Effort” service and strongly contended, Diginet has started to come to the fore as perhaps the medium of choice.    XDSL has developed a whole range of Diginet Service offerings to en
XDSL have built a wireless network in Gauteng, but due to the fact that we can supply fibre optic at exceptionally good prices XDSL believe the need for wireless is decreasing.  However there are still areas that copper is not stable or get stolen and where the availability of fibre is not yet feasible for implementation, wireless and 3G is the only options available. XDSL have built relationships with reputable wireless, licenced and unlicensed frequencies, providers to be able to provide our customers with a solution that will suit their nee