With companies growing ever larger and with branches popping up all over South Africa the need to connect with these branches effectively and reliable has become very important. With branches becoming more and more reliant on head office or Cloud Hosted applications the need for a reliable and cost effective connectivity has grown.  ADSL being a “Best Effort” service and strongly contended, Diginet has started to come to the fore as perhaps the medium of choice. 
XDSL has developed a whole range of Diginet Service offerings to ensure that the service is not only is highly cost effective and affordable but also extremely reliable because of varying levels of Service Level Agreements to meet from the everyday connectivity requirements to the most mission critical and discerning application.
XDSL has developed an extensive network in South Africa and can cater for all the Diginet internet requirements any company might have. These services couple with XDSL's strategy to deliver an incomparable service experience that will ensure a mutually beneficial and constructive relationship that will last for many years to come. 
Diginet is a synchronous line which means you will be getting full capacity on upload and download. 
This is very popular for customers that want to host their own servers and need the upload capacity for branches or roaming users.
Resellers and IT companies also enjoy this product as they can create their own managed VPN solution.
On all XDSL's internet products you will be able to get your full international capacity and full local capacity.


Here Are Just Some of the Attributes

  1. Guaranteed throughput and uptime
  2. Synchronous - If you take a 1mbps your upload will be 1Mbps and your download will be 1Mbps
  3. Available all over South Africa
  4. Fast installation times
  5. Forms part of XDSL's Extreme MPLS network
  6. Fixed cost, irrelevant of distance
  7. Ideal for VOIP