Enterprise Hosted PBX

What would you say if you were offered

  1. Zero PBX Capital Outlay 
  2. Zero PBX Maintenance Costs 
  3. The ability to extend your extension to your Smartphone 
  4. Zero cost for Inter-branch phone calls 
  5. Access to unlimited technical PBX consultants 
  6. Intuitive control of your company telephony expenditure 
  7. The ability to assign call budgets to specific departments or individuals 
  8. Access to a host of features associated with a carrier class enterprise PBX
  9. A PBX solution which scales with your business growth
  10. A fully integrated PBX system that will provide you integration with Video Conferencing, Cell Phones and Branch office phones
  11. More than 50% saving on normal Telkom rates 
  12. Zero Line costs 
  13. Zero monthly extension costs, as you will only pay for your minutes used


If you have experienced the ordeal of 5 to 7 yearly upgrades to your PBX or purchasing a new system, you will fully appreciate the value of the, Zero Expense XDSL Hosted Enterprise offer. 

Think about it, you never have to go through the effort and the annoyance of comparisons, quotes and the continuous call outs for maintenance again. 

Add to this the advantage of significantly reduced telephony call rates, and the XDSL Enterprise PBX Solution is in a class of its own. 

Upgrade your business communications hassle free & cost effectively to meet the challenges of tomorrow's highly competitive business environment.

Find out why our clients enjoy the savings, reliability and customer experience that drive our PBX Solutions.

The XDSL Hosted Enterprise PBX, Your office wherever You are!