1. XDSL a New Generation ISP was setting the pace in the Fibre market, we were the first ISP to launch 25Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps Fibre products.
  2. Bold and Ground breaking decisions gave XDSL another first where we provided free internet access from within our Data Centre to our Fibre customers if they hosted their equipment inside our Data Centre.
  3. Being the leader of the pack, XDSL have built a next generation network that span more than 200 000km Fibre in South Africa, in just 13 yearsProviding us with the advantage of having access to 25% more fibre than the single largest ISP in South Africa.
  4. XDSL’s 56, growing daily, POPS (Points of Presence) are positioned perfectly to reach most businesses in South Africa.
  5. Spanning 13 Data Centres across South Africa and internationally incorporating Cisco, Juniper and ciena, XDSL built up a backbone with bandwidth speeds up to 10Gbps



XDSL rewrote the rules of engagement by defining a Service level offering for all our networking products.
Being bold we also took the step of adding aggressive penalties to quantify our Customers Service Experience.


XDSL demystified the SLA experience for all our clients, making it easy to understand with respect to

  1. Proactive Security
  2. QoS, up to three queues tailored to your needs
  3. Proactive Monitoring
  4. Built in Failover
  5. Uptime Guarantees
  6. Bandwidth Guarantees
  7. Monthly Reporting
  8. Built in penalties
  9. On demand Reporting
  10. Key performance indicators
  11. Convenient access to the best technical resources



After we set the standards for the Next Generation ISP, XDSL added another first by adding unequivocal Value adds to our SLA’s.

  1. Free access to our Enterprise Hosted PBX for all our fibre customers
  2. Concurrent VOIP channels
  3. A Free Virtual Server in our Data Centre
  4. Uncapped Home ADSL at cost price


Gone are the days where you had to pay exuberant rates to the more Traditional Internet Service Provider’s brand, legacy networks, excessive staff compliments and general lack of Service excellence.

XDSL “Make the Change”