Firewall / Security

Managed Firewalls

XDSL’s Managed Firewalls are designed to protect your confidential, corporate and customer data from unauthorised users by blocking and permitting traffic on your network.
In today's environment of hackers this service is invaluable as it enforces your security policy. A firewall is the equivalent to a door lock - it permits only authorised users such as those with a key to enter.
The service can be configured to disallow unauthorised or potentially dangerous material from entering your network as well logging attempted intrusions. Our security experts will configure this for you according to your requirements.


  1. Proactive monitoring and support
  2. Managed and controlled access
  3. QOS - Quality of Service
  4. Dynamic reporting
  5. Ability to track network use and locate network abuse
  6. Automatic virus detection and blocking
  7. Normal network protection that a firewall offers like hacking, port scan defence and DoS attacks

Data Prioritisation

XDSL's VPN network has the ability to prioritise your critical applications so that they receive the resources they need to deliver. For example, real-time applications such as video conferencing will be given priority over email traffic, ensuring that the user does not experience any loss of quality in the video data stream.
To get clear visibility of the traffic on your network, you might consider network performance reporting with XDSL Vision.


  1. Better uptime.
  2. Potential problems fixed without customer knowing.
  3. Customers do not have to build and manage their own IP network infrastructure
  4. Convenient and cost-effective networking solution
  5. Customers do not require sophisticated security skills.
  6. Short lead times for deployment