As the “next generation” ISP, XDSL is perfectly positioned to provide Layer 2 and Layer 3 MPLS Services to interconnect your Branch Offices throughout South Africa.

Our MPLS network provides the stability, reliability and increased performance demanded by companies across South Africa. In partnership with Juniper, Cisco and Ciena we leverage only best of breed technologies to deliver these services, backed by our highly rated Service Level Agreement.

Seamless MPLS Connectivity

XDSL is able to incorporate any method of connectivity within our national MPLS Network seamlessly. This provides you with the choices dictated by your business requirements.

Technologies include
  1. Fibre Optic
  2. Diginet
  3. 3G / LTE (Private APN)
  4. VDSL
  5. ADSL
  6. Microwave / Wireless


We deliver a National Connectivity Solution across a redundant ring of 13 Datacenter’s and 56 POP’s

Our MPLS Network will
  1. Deliver national MPLS connectivity in areas not serviced by fibre, utilising our Extreme MPLS solution for seamless connectivity
  2. Deliver peace of mind MPLS VPN Security levels
  3. Deliver custom access to 13 Data Centre’s throughout South Africa and Internationally
  4. Deliver custom network architecture for Internet access, dictated by your business requirements

Key SLA Characteristics

Service Guarantee
  1. MTR to suit your business
  2. Business hour response dictated bu the business
  3. Uptime Guarantee
Service Experience Guarantee
  1. Proactive Monitoring
  2. Proactive Security
  3. Managed QoS
  4. Redundant Links
Bandwith Guarantee
  1. 100% Dedicated Internet 1:1
  2. 100% International Failover
  3. 100% Local Failover
Value Add
  1. Free Hosted PABX
  2. Free VOIP Lines


With XDSL’s focus on Service excellence we have been fortunate to have various Multi-National companies entrust their National MPLS and Fibre requirements with us helping them leverage

  1. Improved Speed
  2. Improved Capacity
  3. Improved Reliability
  4. Improved Affordability
  5. Improved Scalability


Their Testimonials

“The more Traditional ISPs were unable to provide us with the solution we required, as we were not simply looking to lease lines but needed a fully outsourced and managed network solution. XDSL not only offered a complete solution, their pricing is also exceptional, allowing us to take advantage of improved speed, capacity, reliability and affordability”.

Riaan Willemse from G4S (The second Largest Private Employer in the World and the largest security company in the world)

“The increased capacity and speed of the fibre line drives productivity and has improved the satisfaction amongst the users. It also assists Simba to meet the global standards for communication and operations set by Pepsico.”

Derick Neethling from Simba (A Subsidiary of Pepsico one of the most valuable brands in the world)