XDSL is the next generation fibre ISP that boasts

  1. Access to more than 200 000km of fibre optic cable
  2. 6 international fibre breakouts.
  3. 5 local internet breakouts
  4. We peer in 19 peering points.
  5. With access to 1000 square meters of self-owned and managed datacentre's and access to a further 19 datacentre's
  6. Our investment in Points of Presence, or PoPs as they are known, currently totals 68 across South Africa and grows continuously as we meet the needs of our customers across South Africa.

Not only does XDSL have one of the most comprehensive networks in South Africa but we also have one of the most comprehensive Partner Programs

We enable partners to become independent ISP's without owning any infrastructure.

As the ISP market becomes more competitive, XDSL continuously enables its Partners to form part of this competitive ICT industry!

XDSL is breaking down the barriers that was set by our competitors by continuously seeking ways to offer our Partners more value and as such we have increased our commission/discount structure to our Partners. We have also included extra features in our Partner Program.

XDSL's Partners are strategic to our business and hence our goal is to become the preferred ISP for the ICT industry.

XDSL spends a great deal of time and effort to study the ICT market in which we function and this includes our customers and competitors. Every year we design new, innovative and affordable products/services with which we actively compete and outmaneuver our competitors.

On our Gold Fibre Internet service, a Partner will receive 18% discount / commission or alternatively, on our Silver Fibre Internet service, a Partner will receive 14% discount / commission depending on the Partner Level.

XDSL has created three partner levels, please make contact with XDSL to see how we can take you to the next level!

Get to know your new partner by watching this video at