Performance Management

XDSL boasts one of the most stringent, precise and easy to understand Service Level Agreements in the ICT industry in South Africa

XDSL hereby introduces its Network Performance Management product offering! Today this offering is the fastest, most scalable and comprehensive data collection, monitoring, analysis and reporting solution.

This product offering not only gives real-time SLA compliance reporting for all our customers but provides complete operational intelligence.

Our network management offering is an all-in-one integrated solution that scales to unlimited network elements.

XDSL’s network management offering can achieve a multitude of analyses, such as infrastructure monitoring and performance management, amongst various other value-adds in mere seconds, which would probably take similar products hours to achieve.

You will gain a super-fast and holistic view across your network, systems and applications…all in real-time enabling you to pro-actively identify any potential issues or risks.

So why did XDSL invest in this international performance management product of the year?
Simple, for XDSL & our customers this equates to
  1. A product offering that provides for a single point of monitoring, for faster turn-around times on fault resolution and exceptional service quality on applications like Voice over IP
  2. Complete operational intelligence for capacity planning and budgeting
  3. Instant insight, to pinpoint exact faults reducing trouble shooting time
  4. Real time and proven service level compliance for our customers.
  5. Assisting our customers to identify under / over utilized resources in order to manage expenses and assist with informed decision making
  6.  Enabling our customers with visibility into their network
  7. Detailed reporting for predictive or proactive management to avoid system down time or degradation
  8. Ensure success on change management projects, especially voice over IP deployments


In summary, you, our customer, will experience incredible speed to value.

Speed to value involves amongst others, two key criteria for any organization
  1. Cost
  2. Risk


That is, an application may be valuable not merely because it gives the competitive advantage, but also because it cuts costs and/or mitigates risk.

Therefore, to ensure business continuity, do not hesitate to make contact with XDSL so that we can give you a better experience!