Service Excellence

XDSL’s Next Generation Network is a less is more philosophy. Our investment in a customer centric approach ensures the more, translates to an unmatched customer experience. XDSL is perfectly positioned to provide the perfect fit solution for your company or organization which is both cost effective and extremely reliable.

At XDSL we are breaking down the rigid barriers that was set by our competitors being the first to market and changing the rules of engagement

In 2013 XDSL was the first ISP to
  1. Break the Speed Barrier with 25, 50 and 100Mbps Fibre Broadband
  2. To launch free internet with Co-Location with a Fibre service.
  3. And to include the free use of our Hosted Enterprise PBX     
In 2014 XDSL was the first ISP to
  1. Include value such as Security, Quality of Service and Proactive Monitoring.
  2. To demystify Service Level Agreements
  3. We also converted all our Broadband products to Enterprise products which is a 1:1 contention
In 2015 XDSL launches our Mega Products, another first in South Africa



Riaan Willemse from G4S

“The major ISPs were unable to provide us with the solution we required, as we were not simply looking to lease lines but needed a fully outsourced and managed network solution. XDSL not only offered a complete solution, their pricing is also exceptional, allowing us to take advantage of improved speed,capacity, reliability and affordability.”

Derick Neethling from Simba Pepsico

“The increased capacity and speed of the fibre line drives productivity and has improved satisfaction amongst the users. It also assists Simba to meet the global standards for communication and operations set by Pepsico.”

"The line has given us 10 times the bandwidth we previously had. It has improved performance for users and created a platform on which to roll out additional solutions, such as Office 365, the cloud-hosted Microsoft Office suite.”