Service Experience

Service Experience helps design the total experience of the customer, from sales to installation, accounting, support and after sales service.

 “Our Mission is to provide products and solutions that will enable our customers to excel, along with business service excellence”

Service Experience defines the total experience when dealing with XDSL. It encompasses details such as the time the customer holds on for support, the level of decision maker that assists them with their request, and the speed with which support is escalated.

Purpose of an SLA

The purpose of this Service Level Agreement (SLA) is to establish a cooperative partnership between XDSL and our customers.

We Aim To

  1. Identify clear and consistent expectations.
  2. Outline agreed roles and responsibilities.
  3. Deliver service that are measured, monitored, reported and reviewed for continuous improvement.
  4. Provide mechanisms for resolving problems.
  5. Provide a platform to enable changes in response to new technologies, customers’ requirements and other opportunities.
  6. Our service level must be easy understandable.