XDSL boasts one of the most stringent, precise and easy to understand Service Level Agreements in the ICT industry in South Africa XDSL hereby introduces its Network Performance Management product offering! Today this offering is the fastest, most scalable and comprehensive data collection, monitoring, analysis and reporting solution. This product offering not only gives real-time SLA compliance reporting for all our customers but provides complete operational intelligence. Our network management offering is an all-in-one integrated soluti
Mail spooling and filtering Reduce the threat of electronic viruses, alleviate the pressure of spam messages and augment your email network’s security.   Features Antivirus mail filtering Anti Spam mail filtering Block threads   Mail spooling and filtering With XDSL's state of the art anti-virus and spam filter, be at ease that we will reduce not only the amount traffic you need for mail but also reduce virus and spam threats. Let us clean your mail for you before it reaches your business premises which enable  your IT
Managed Firewalls XDSL’s Managed Firewalls are designed to protect your confidential, corporate and customer data from unauthorised users by blocking and permitting traffic on your network.   In today's environment of hackers this service is invaluable as it enforces your security policy. A firewall is the equivalent to a door lock - it permits only authorised users such as those with a key to enter.   The service can be configured to disallow unauthorised or potentially dangerous material from entering your network as well loggi